Avocado, Eggs & WholegrainTrader Health: Ten-Minute Recipes. Photo: Neil Conway (Flickr)

Trader Health: Ten-Minute Recipes

Last week we brought you our first Trader Workout from our in-house personal trainer Callum Osborne.

This week, Callum is continuing in his bid to improve the health of traders everywhere by providing simple and healthy ten-minute recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We start you off below with two recipes for each meal time.


Avocado, Eggs & Wholegrain

Avocado, Eggs & Wholegrain. Photo: Neil Conway (Flickr)

Avocado, Eggs & Wholegrain

How: Simple can be so much better. All you need is two lightly-toasted slices of wholegrain bread, smash up some avocado then sprinkle some salt and pepper. Finish it with two eggs; boiled or poached whichever you prefer.

Why: Not only is it quick and easy, but it provides you with a healthy dose of protein, and the good fats mean it tastes great to start your day.

Mixed Berry Punch Smoothie

How: Always best to prepare the night before (because there's never enough time in the morning!). Blend in a generous handful of frozen mixed berries, one small glass of almond milk, one scoop of vanilla whey protein, and two scoops of oats. Et voila, blend away and chill overnight.

Why: Another great source of protein, with the added goodness from the mixed berries.


Strawberry Salad

Strawberry Salad. Photo: Martin Cathrae (Flickr)

Feelgood Strawberry Salad

How: Mix a bunch of chopped strawberries with a quarter cup of chopped feta cheese, a handful of pecans, another handful of baby spinach and a good drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

Why: Perfect for any veggies but unique and tasty enough to tempt any meat-eater for something totally different.

Tuna Wrap

How: Get one wholewheat wrap and cram it full of a half can of tuna, ¼ cup non-fat Greek yogurt, one chopped celery stick, sliced roasted red peppers, a handful of baby spinach and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Why: For all you busy office-based workers this is a great lunchtime meal to have on-the-go or even (if you really must) at your desk. Just prep the night before.


Homemade Pizza

Homemade Pizza. Photo: Scott Feldstein (Flickr)

Homemade Pizza

How: Take two wholemeal tortilla wraps and spread tomato paste over the top. Then tear one cooked chicken breast and spread evenly on both wraps, and do the same with half a mozzarella ball. Add spinach, mixed peppers, chopped cherry tomatoes and chopped mushrooms before cooking for 6-8 minutes in a well-heated oven.

Why: Easy, fun, filling and - above all - tasty! Everyone loves pizza but this way gives all the taste while preventing you from filling up on the takeaway versions that do your body no favours!

Grilled Chicken Greek Salad

How: The Greeks know what they're doing when it comes to salads and this is as good as it gets. Chunks of cooked grilled chicken provides the main attraction but boasts a great supporting cast of half a red onion, one chopped tomato, half a cup of feta, one packet of couscous, a chopped cucumber and a handful of black or green olives. Don't forget a liberal sprinkling of olive oil.

Why: More chicken to provide vital protein, while the feta, olives and couscous adds a load of Greek flavours while ensuring your stomach won't be waiting for more once your plate is empty.

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