Trading ArticlesTrader Reading List: 16 Top Trading Articles of 2017. Photo: (Unsplash)

Trader Digest: 16 Top Trading Articles of 2017

Just in time for the winter break, we thought it would be an idea to put together a list of our favourite trading articles of 2017 to provide twitchy traders the opportunity to catch up on some reading during their time away from the trading desk.

Compiled from our weekly Trader Digest since TraderLife launched in May 2017, we bring you our favourite trading articles from throughout the year. Behold then for your reading pleasure, our Trader Reading List: Top articles of 2017...

1. A New Breed of Trader is Threatening the Wall Street Establishment
Business Insider UK discuss the “electronification” of Wall Street, and how the more tech-savvy traders will be the ones smiling in an industry going through swathes of change. Read it here

2. Call Me: Traders Still Smiling and Dialing in the Electronic Age
Despite living firmly in a digital age, Bloomberg reports that traders remain firmly fans of the old school phone call, with 88% believing that voice communication remains integral to their daily trading.

3. Women Investors Outperformed Men in 2016
Yahoo bring the story that a recent new report has shown that, on average, women investors performed better than men in 2016. Complete with graphs and stats, read it here.

4. Apple Heads The World's Most Valuable Brands Of 2017 At $170 Billion
It’s seven years running for Apple as Forbes’ annual study on the most valuable brands in the world brings the tech giant out on top. Find out who’s bringing up the rear here

5. 'Fearless Girl' Joined Briefly by 'Peeing Pug' Statue
CNN Money brought the story that Wall Street's Fearless Girl and Bull had a new neighbour, the Peeing Pug. Made by New York City artist Alex Gardega, he wanted to draw attention to the fact that the Fearless Girl was commissioned by asset-managers, believing it to all be a PR stunt. Instead, he managed to attract the ire of feminists worldwide.

6. Women, Minorities are Still Nearly Shut Out of This $71 trillion industry
This brilliant article, from the Washington Post, is another to focus on the subject of women in finance. Read it here.

7. Millennials Are Still Spooked by the 2008 Financial Crisis
Yahoo Finance bring the news that the financial crash of 2008 is still haunting many, with 18-34 year olds the most affected, with their investment decisions still affected by it. Read their report here.

8. A Look Back: The Bloomberg Keyboard
A simple yet great piece from Bloomberg, looking back at the evolution of the trader's hallowed Bloomberg Terminal.

9. Just 10% of Trading is Regular Stock Picking, JPMorgan Estimates
In an article that will either shock you or simply reinforce what you were already beginning to realise, CNBC report on a new piece of analysis from JP Morgan that suggests that the days of the human trader are numbered, stating that "fundamental discretionary traders" now account for only about 10 percent of trading volume in stocks. Dare you read it here...

10. Habits and Routines of Trader and Entrepreneur Bert Mouler
This article from the Huffington Post focuses on Bert Mouler, the algo trader who has been designing his trading systems since 2010. Interestingly, it doesn't simply focus on his trading methods but also his work-life balance and his leisure activities. Read it here.

11. Bored Traders on Tinder Are a Symptom of Wall Street Revenue Dip
What does playing golf, swiping on Tinder and buying the new Nintendo Classic all have in common? Well, according to Bloomberg they’re all tasks that traders are doing to combat the boredom they’re apparently experiencing at work, with an 11% drop in trading revenue reported from the five biggest trading firms.

12. The Unappreciated Reason Hard Working Traders Underperform
Brett Steenbarger is a performance coach for portfolio managers and traders at financial organizations, and he runs a great blog on trader psychology that is always worth a look. This latest post outlines why working hard is necessary to succeed in trading, but is not a guarantee. Read it here.

13. Seven Common Mistakes Made by Day Traders
Starting before you're ready and failing to properly manage risk are just two of the seven mistakes that are most commonly made by day traders in a list compiled by City AM. See how many bad habits you can cut out of your trading here.

14. Where are the Wolves of Wall Street?
Real Vision Publications asks the question and investigates just how Wall Street is holding up in the ever-changing modern-day world of finance. Are its days numbers? Or is it too early to sound its death knell? Read their analysis here.

15. The Man Striking Fear Into the Hearts of Wall Street Titans. The Perfect Escape From Tedious Banking Jobs
"It’s not often you get to intimidate senior hedge fund managers and investment bankers. It’s rarer still for them to pay for the privilege", begins this great article from eFinancialCareers, on the subject of veteran chess master Lev Alburt and his work with the brightest minds in Wall Street.

16. Here's What 6 of the Most powerful Wall Streeters Have to say About Bitcoin
From Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan to James Gorman of Morgan Stanley (and a little bit of Ray Dalio), Business Insider collated the thoughts of some of the biggest names in trading and finance to see what they have to say on the rise of BitCoin. Read it here.

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