Trader Digest: Female Trader Tales, AI Myths & Crypto Cheat Sheet

This week’s Trader Digest includes a fantastic piece on the fight female traders still have today to avoid being pushed into sales, what you should know about Crypto, and the myths about AI in the workplace...

Reading List

Trading is a great career for women despite the bro-culture
"What matters is results not gender and in this job these are immediate and measurable"
Financial Times

5 things you need to know before trading on cryptocurrencies
“Bitcoin, mining, blockchain, ledgers, oracles and wallets. The technical names that describe various components of this technology can prove intimidating. With that in mind, here are five things you should be aware of before trading cryptocurrencies, and why spread betting or contracts for difference (CFDs) products could be a sensible introduction." City AM

Bitcoin Whale's Bad Trade Leaves Counterparties Holding the Bag
"A massive wrong-way bet on Bitcoin left an unidentified futures trader unable to cover losses, burning counterparties and threatening to dent confidence in one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency venues." Bloomberg

Debunking 8 Myths About AI in the Workplace
"The interplay between technology and work has always been a hot topic. While technology has typically created more jobs than it has destroyed on a historical basis, this context rarely stops people from believing that things are “different” this time around. " Visual Capitalist

Apple Shares Jump on iPhone Sales Projection
"Average selling price of popular smartphone line reaches $724. Revenue from company’s Other Products surges 37% on wearables" Bloomberg

For the Headphones

ASX Day Trader, Nick Fabrio
"Nick Fabrio is an active day trader of Australian stocks—with a bias for short selling. He’s 28 years old, he’s been trading for 3 years and he has already surpassed a million dollars in trading profits." Chat With Traders

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