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Trader Digest: Ray Dalio, Kyle Bass & Eurozone 1 Hedge Fund 0

This week our Trader Digest delves into the future of Wall Street, signals a thumping victory for the Eurozone and brings fascinating talks from modern finance greats Ray Dalio and Kyle Bass...

Reading List

Where are the Wolves of Wall Street?
Real Vision Publications asks the question and investigates just how Wall Street is holding up in the ever-changing modern-day world of finance. Are its days numbers? Or is it too early to sound its death knell? Read their analysis here.

Fund That Bet on Eurozone’s Demise Shuts After Losses
Eurosceptics look away now - a fund that was set up with the intention to profit on the collapse of the Eurozone has shut down following poor performance. The boldly-named "Eurogeddon" was started by former Polish central bank Deputy Governor Krzysztof Rybinski and launched during the European debt crisis in 2012. Bloomberg reports that it has recently closed following a five-year negative return of 56.4 percent.

Screen Supreme on the High-Tech Trading Floor
A revamp of US energy provider Exelon’s trading floor is helping deliver realtime market information to employees. This article from AV Magazine takes a detailed look over their new innovative kit. Read it here.

A History of the British Pound - Part 2
Did you enjoy our first piece of trader homework, focusing on the fascinating history of the British Pound? Well then make sure to check out part 2, as FX trader Yvan Berthoux gets us up to date all the way to Brexit...

Trader Homework: A History of the British Pound (Part 2)

What to Watch

How to Build a Company Where the Best Ideas Win
Bridgewater Associates chair and trading great Ray Dalio (read our profile on him here) hosted a TED talk back in April of this year, and last week he tweeted out the 16 minute recording of it that - as ever with Dalio - is worth a watch. Particularly when the premise revolves around using radical transparency and algorithmic decision-making to create an environment where people can speak up and say what they really think - even to the boss. Watch it below.

For the Headphones

Interview with Kyle Bass
Adventures in Finance podcast, episode 32
The brilliant Adventures in Finance podcast returns for season two, beginning with an excellent interview with hedge fund boss Kyle Bass as he discusses his career and answers listener questions. Listen here.

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