blunt razor3 Handy Uses for Your Old Blunt Razor. Photo: eike (Flickr)

Shaving Hacks: 3 Handy Uses for Your Old Blunt Razor

You’ve heard it over and over again - overusing your razor will only give you an uncomfortable shave. Even if you think you're saving a bit of money, it's only false economics.

Blunt blades are more likely to irritate and cut your face, and you'll have to invest in additional skincare products just to remedy the damage.

The Cornerstone team, who deliver everything a man needs for a smooth, comfortable shave to your door, often get asked what to do with blunt blades. So they've got in touch to share some of their favourite shaving hacks to ensure your old blades can remain handy even after they're no good for shaving....



1. Get rid of fuzz pills from your favourite wool jumper

If your favourite wool jumper or coat is covered in pilling, your best option is to use a blunt razor to gently shave them off. Be careful not to use too much pressure as you risk ripping the piece of clothing.

Take it slowly and you'll be able to have what looks like a brand new sweater in only a couple of minutes. Huge thanks to Gerard, one of our members, for sharing this tip with us!

Get rid of fuzz pills from your favourite wool jumper. Photo: Annie Spratt (Unsplash)

2. Remove paint stains from your clothes

If you've recently done some DIY at home involving paint, you've probably got stains all over your clothes. Good news is that there's an easy way to get rid of them; let the paint dry, grab your blunt razor and scratch them all off.

It's important to let the paint dry as, otherwise, you'll probably end up spreading the paint even more as well as clogging the blades!

Remove paint stains from your clothes. Photo: Ricardo Viana (Unsplash)

3. As an ice-scraper

If your windows or car are covered in ice, your blunt blades may come in handy. This may only apply to those in colder climates, but if you find the windshield of your car covered in ice, gently scrape it off with some old blades; but don't put too much pressure as you could end up breaking or scratching the glass.

As an ice-scraper. Photo: (Flickr)

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