8 Millennial Founders Shaking up Their Industry

The generation that followed Generation X was always going to have big shoes to fill, but as this list shows, Generation Y is living up to its name by constantly asking "why?" in order to challenge, disrupt and pioneer. Here are eight Millennial founders leading the field in their own respective industries...


Rupa Ganatra, Millennial 20/20
Compelled by a passion for entrepreneurship and innovation, Rupa founded Millennial 20/20 in 2016 the world's first business summit series specifically looking at the future of next-gen commerce. The summit which first took place in London and Singapore has seen exponential growth within the last year and will now span across four continents, Europe, Asia, North America and Australia.

At the conferences, Rupa will play host to more than 180 world-class speakers across various verticals and a series of immersive experiences with some of the world’s leading brands and companies. Millennial 20/20 Summit comes at a unique and welcomed time in the industry where large and small businesses are dealing with a more complex and ever-evolving consumer that requires them to think of innovation, disruption and technology as key components of their future.


Johan Brand, Kahoot!
Driven by a passion to empower people through creativity and a human touch, Johan founded Kahoot!. Now one of the fastest learning applications with over 40 million active monthly users, Kahoot! reaches one in every three students across the United States.

Johan’s free application that has 1 billion users connects children with fun and engaging learning methods - regardless of their circumstances by making learning awesome. Kahoot! is now the top education app in the UK and US AppStores and is more popular than Spotify on Fridays according to Google Trends.


Christopher Vogt, BillFront
Advertising technology expert Christopher Vogt co-founded BillFront, a leading financial technology company which enables media companies and publishers to have faster access to their revenues.

The introduction of BillFront has been much embraced by the industry where small to medium sized businesses typically had to wait 90 to 120 days in order to receive funds for their services from clients. BillFront provides financing between €50,000 and several millions of euros per month through integrating into its customers’ invoicing systems.


Camille Rumani, VizEat
The idea for VizEat was born out of a conversation between Camille and her business partner Jean-Michel Petit had about the best travel experiences they'd recently had whilst abroad, and has now grown to Europe’s largest social dining and food experience platform.

Launched in July 2014 after an initial fund-raising round, VizEat brings together locals and travellers for immersive and authentic food experiences. As COO, Camille's core focus is on developing VizEat's entire product offering and says the challenge which drives her is changing the way people travel, one food experience at a time.

The app now has 110,000 users and 22,000 hosts in over 110 countries. VizEat was selected by Apple as one of the top apps of 2016 - which Apple CEO Tim Cook can personally attest to, after trialling the platform earlier this year.


Saurabh Arora, Lybrate
In a country where patients rely on unqualified chemists for health diagnoses, Saurabh is making waves with India’s first and largest mobile healthcare communication and delivery platform. Lybrate helps to bridge the supply-demand gap by seamlessly connecting doctors and patients with the aid of technology and enabling them to communicate using smartphones.

Holding an MBA from Columbia Business School and previously working on Facebook Ads connecting SMEs and large advertisers with their customers, Saurabh is now applying what he’s learnt to help connect patients with a powerful network of 80,000 doctors across the country.


David Arnoux, Growth Tribe
Backed by Facebook, the University of Amsterdam and StartupAmsterdam, serial entrepreneur David Arnoux launched Europe’s first growth hacking academy, Growth Tribe in 2015 alongside co-founder Peter van Sabben.

In the last year alone, they have trained over 1,400 people in over 500 companies to implement and execute growth strategies, and since then high-growth companies such as Booking.com and Catawiki have turned to Growth Tribe as their primary training partners to educate their employees.


Aron Gelbard, Bloom & Wild
Aron Gelbard believed that sending flowers to friends, family members and colleagues should be as joyous as receiving them, and that was the driving force behind Bloom & Wild.

Aron launched the company in 2013, best known for making it possible to buy and send flowers in a short amount of time directly from your smartphone. Since the company managed to raise £3.5 million in venture capital and angel funding, they have expanded to cover the UK and Ireland with a workforce of 30 people.


Andrew Watson, FLIO
FLIO, founded by Andrew Watson, is the perfect companion for the
21st-century traveller. Airports can be difficult and frustrating to navigate, and questions like; where can I connect to free wifi? Where can I store my laptop? Is there anything around to amuse my kids? What’s the quickest route to the city? - are all answered simply with FLIO.

While the app offers you local airport deals to get the most for your money, the real selling point is how much information is stored in just one place.

You can hear from several of these founders at the Millennial 20/20 conference held in London on the 3rd and 4th of May.